Object: is a bundle of data and its behaviour(often known as methods).

Objects have two characteristics: They have states and behaviors.

Examples of states and behaviors
Example 1:
Object: House
State: Address, Color, Area
Behavior: Open door, close door

So if I had to write a class based on states and behaviours of House. I can do it like this: States can be represented as instance variables and behaviours as methods of the class. We will see how to create classes in the next section of this guide.

class House {
   String address;
   String color;
   double are;
   void openDoor() {
      //Write code here
   void closeDoor() {
      //Write code here

Example 2:
Let’s take another example.
Object: Car
State: Color, Brand, Weight, Model
Behavior: Break, Accelerate, Slow Down, Gear change.

Note: As we have seen above, the states and behaviors of an object, can be represented by variables and methods in the class respectively.

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