you can use Python Turtle graphics  to draw more advanced geometric shapes, create different colors, and even fill your shapes with color.

Starting with the Basic Square

Before using the turtle, we need to import the turtle module and create the Pen object:

Here’s the code to create a square

You can imagine resulting output as below

Drawing Stars

We can create something even more interesting with very few lines of code, Type in the following:

This code produces an eight-point star:

Now let’s develop our star just a bit more. By using a 175-degree angle and looping 37 times, we can make a star with even more points, using this code:

Here’s the result of running this code:

Drawing a Car

The turtle can do more than just draw stars and simple geometric shapes. For our next example, we’ll draw a rather primitive-looking car.

Next, we draw the first wheel.

Finally, we draw the second wheel.

Below is our own Luxary car.

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