HTML <q> for Short Quotations

The HTML <q> element defines a short quotation.

Browsers usually insert quotation marks around the <q> element.


<p> goal is to: <q>Help Community learn computer science</q></p>


HTML <blockquote> for Quotations

The HTML <blockquote> element defines a section that is quoted from another source.

Browsers usually indent <blockquote> elements.

<p>Here is a quote from website:</p>
<blockquote cite="">
aaravtechcorner motive is to help high school student learn HTML in easy possible way.



HTML <address> for Contact Information

The HTML <address> element defines contact information (author/owner) of a document or an article.

The <address> element is usually displayed in italic. Most browsers will add a line break before and after the element.


Written by John Doe.<br> 
Visit us at:<br><br>
Box 564, Disneyland<br>


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